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Redirect to a webpage

Do you want to send a respondent to a webpage from a videoask? If you're on a paid plan you can redirect to a URL from a button or upon completion of a step.

This could be a landing page, website, or of course another videoask! With conditional logic, you can add multiple URL redirects depending on the answer a respondent selects.

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Redirect to a webpage

Redirect to a webpage from within an embedded videoask iframe or widget

Redirect to a webpage

Note: This option will redirect respondents in the same window or tab and end their videoask "experience". To allow respondents to open a link in a new tab while continuing to answer the videoask, add links to the overlay text.


Log in to your VideoAsk account and select the videoask you want to edit. Click Build to open your videoask builder.



By default, each step of your videoask will proceed to the following step or the end screen (if it's the last step). You can see a visual of your current logic in the builder map:



Click a step to edit it.



Go to the Logic tab.



Here you can see and edit the logic set up in your videoask. Click a line to edit it.



In the Redirect to a URL field, type or paste the URL you want to redirect your respondents to.



Click Save.


Click Done and you'll now see the URL redirect reflected on your builder map:


Redirect to a webpage from within an embedded videoask iframe or widget

If you've embedded a videoask on your site that redirects respondents to another videoask or webpage, you can redirect them within your embedded iframe or widget, to avoid directing them away from your website; just add the following parameter to the end of your URL when pasting the embed code into your HTML editor:



And voilà! You can redirect your respondents to another webpage without them leaving your site!


Check out how to add variables to a URL redirect so you can pass information like contact details to the page (or videoask!) you're redirecting to.

Learn more about redirecting respondents from one videoask to another.

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