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Add Webhooks to your videoasks

Do you want to send your Videoask data straight to a web app or URL?

If you’re on a paid plan, you can set up Webhooks to receive notifications when messages are sent or received via your videoask.

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How to set up webhooks

Add more webhooks

Edit or delete a webhook

What are webhooks?

Webhooks are automatic notifications triggered by specific events. 

For VideoAsk, this event is a message from a respondent or the creator of a videoask. The notification containing the response data will be sent immediately to your Webhook URL.

Please note that webhooks are an advanced feature intended for those who know how to work with them. We are unable to provide detailed instructions for code development or troubleshooting.

View our Webhook API documentation to learn more.

When will my webhook trigger?

Once enabled, a webhook delivery will trigger once a videoask is completed or abandoned and all video and/or audio media is transcoded. A videoask is considered completed or abandoned when a respondent either:

a) Reaches the final step or end screen of your videoask

b) Closes the window or tab in which they are viewing your videoask


c) Remains idle on a step in your videoask for 1 hour or longer, in which case their session times out and their responses are submitted

Transcoding the video/audio files to .mp4 files and generating a thumbnail might take a couple of minutes, depending on the quality of connection and size of the file (ie length of the recording). We will only send the webhook once the transcoding process has finished.

How to set up webhooks


Select the videoask you want to integrate with a webhook and click Connect.



In your Connect panel, select Webhooks.



Click Connect.



Type the address of your Target URL into the text field. You can use https://requestbin.com to collect test submissions.



Toggle the switches to choose which events will trigger notifications and click Save.

  • form_response is triggered when a videoask is completed/abandoned and all audio or video media has been transcoded¬†
  • form_response_transcribe triggers when a videoask has been completed or abandoned and¬†all media has been transcribed
  • form_author_message is triggered when a message is created by you, the videoask creator
  • form_contact_message is triggered when a message is created by a contact
  • form_contact_tagged¬†is triggered when a tag is added to a contact
  • form_contact_untagged¬†is triggered when a tag is removed from a contact



By default the idle deadline time is set to 60 minutes. The idle deadline is the amount of time a respondent sits idle on a videoask (ie is on the videoask page but has not reached the final step). You can customize this between 15 and 240 minutes.



To test your Webhook, click View delivieries.



Click Send test response.



Now watch your notifications roll in! To copy any of the deliveries, click Copy code.


Add more webhooks

If you want to add more webhooks, just click Connect next to Add another Webhook, and repeat the steps above.


Edit or delete a webhook

If you want to change an existing webhook or remove it completely:


Click Edit next to your webhook.



Make any desired changes and click Save to update your webhook. Or click Delete this webhook to remove it.


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