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Add a title to your videoask steps

Whether you're creating a simple single-step flow or a more complex multi-step videoask, keep things organized and make sure you and your team know exactly what's what by adding titles to your videoask steps.

If you're new to VideoAsk, take a look at how to create your first videoask to get started.

Edit the title of a videoask step

Once you've created a videoask step, you'll be prompted to select an answer type. This is also where you can give the step a title. These instructions will show you how to edit the title of an existing step, but the same process could also be used when creating a new step.


From your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you want to edit. Click Build to open the videoask builder



Click a step to edit it.



If you're updating the title of a step that was created before September 2021, the title will automatically be generated from the video transcript or overlay text (if there is any).


Any new steps created after September 2021 will display a blank title that will display as Untitled if you do not specify a step title.


To change a step's title, click the text box at the top of the step editor and type in your chosen title.


💡Tip: We think short, sweet, and informative make the best step titles.🍭


When you're happy with your step title and answer type configuration, click Done. 


You can rename your step titles whenever you like by clicking on the relevant step in the builder, updating the title text, and clicking Done.


Now that you've added relevant step titles, editing your videoask in the builder, digging into the data with our drop-off analysis feature, adding logic jumps, and viewing your answers per step becomes a whole lot easier, as you know exactly which step is which without having to rewatch video footage to remind yourself. 🥳

Note: This feature was launched in September 2021, so default step titles will appear differently depending on when your videoask step was created.

For steps created after September 2021, titles will display as Untitled unless you give them a name.

For steps created before September 2021, step titles are automatically generated using either the first few words of the transcription from your video or overlay text if you have added any.

Below you can see an example of step titles for all three circumstances (in the purple banner at the top of the thumbnails):


Step 1: The step title has been manually updated

Step 2: The step was created before September 2021, so the title has been manually generated from the video transcription

Step 3: The step was created after September 2021, so the title has defaulted to "Untitled" 


Why do step titles matter and should I use them?

Customizing the step title is not a required part of building a videoask. However, they can be a useful way to keep track of what each step of your videoask is about if you'll be managing your videoasks as part of a team, creating templates, or connecting different steps of your videoask to other platforms using one of our many integrations.

They can also be a helpful reference when it comes to checking the results or optimizing your videoask to easily remember what content is included in which step of your videoask while you're looking at the data.

What happens to my integrations or zaps if I change a step title?

If you change the title of a step that has been mapped to another platform using one of our integrations (such as Greenhouse, Salesforce or Zapier), it will not break the connection you have set up. 

Will my respondents be able to see the title of my steps?

Nope! Step titles only appear on the backend for you as the creator. Respondents will be able to see the name of your videoask when you share it, but step titles will only appear for you in the videoask builder, metrics area, as column headers when you export your results, and when you connect your videoask steps to other tools.

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