Collect contact details from your respondents

Do you want to collect information from leads or be able to reply back to respondents? Use a contact form in your videoask to add respondents to your contact directory, track their responses and send a video reply.

Enable a contact form

Use multiple contact forms

Edit your contact form

The beauty of VideoAsk is that anyone can answer a videoask you've created, whether or not they use the app themselves. But the flip side is that if a respondent doesn't leave their contact details, we won't know who they are (so we'll simply call them "Human" 😅).


When you receive a Human response, you will still have all the data they submitted to each step of your videoask, but you will not be able to reply to them nor associate their response with any others they may have submitted.

To identify your respondents, enable at least one contact form in your videoask and collect their name, email address and/or phone number. 


If contact information is collected, it will be included when you download your responses. Contact details can also be passed through to other platforms using Zapier or one of our direct integrations and recalled later in your videoask

Already know your respondent? Learn how add contact details to your videoask URL.

Enable a contact form 


Click Build to open the videoask builder



Click a step to edit it



At the bottom of the Answer tab, toggle on Collect contact details on this step.


That's it! Your changes will autosave, or you can click Done to return to the full map view. 

Wherever you have enabled a contact form, you will now see the Contact form icon on this step:


In this situation, the respondent will be prompted to enter their contact details after answering the first step:


Note: Contact forms sit between steps and cannot be used as an answer type unto themselves.

Use multiple contact forms

If you're using conditional logic, you may want to display multiple contact forms that will appear depending on respondents' behavior. To do this, simply enable the contact form for each desired step, as seen above.

How might this work?

In this example, we want to collect information about homebuyers' needs and will send them down a different flow depending on their budget and urgency. Because we want to collect this information first before collecting their contact details, the contact form has been enabled for two different steps near the end of the flow.


Edit the contact form

You can choose which fields you want to use in your contact form for each videoask. Note, however, that the same contact form will be used throughout your videoask if you are displaying it in multiple locations.


Click Build to open the videoask builder



Click the Contact form icon 



Here you can choose which fields to enable and whether they are required or optional.



Click the * icon to make a field required or optional



Click the Eye icon to enable or disable a field



If you have enabled the phone number field, you can choose to set a default country code. This will save your respondents the time of manually selecting this each time if most of your respondents will be from the same country.

Click Set default country code and select the code from the dropdown menu.



If you would like to collect consent when respondents submit their contact details (and any other information to your videoask), enable the Ask for consent field.


When you do, dummy consent text will be added to your form. Make sure to update this with your specific terms!


When finished, click Done. Now when respondents see your contact form, they will be forced to enter their contact details and give consent for any required fields before they can proceed with the rest of your videoask.


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