View your metrics and answers per step

If you want to find out more about how your respondents interacted with your videoask, you can head to the Metrics section to dig into the data. 

View your videoask metrics

Select a videoask that has received responses and click the Metrics tab


Hover over the graph to view stats per week.


Here are a few examples of what you can look at in the Metrics section:

Filter by device

Select the device to filter responses accordingly.


See unique visits

Toggle the Unique switch to see how many visitors you had altogether vs the number of unique visits from an IP address. 


Filter by date

To filter your metrics by week, month, year or a custom time period, select dates on the calendar and click Apply.


Select Day or Week to change the view for the given time period 


Filter by completion

Toggle to see how many people landed on, interacted with, answered and completed your videoask on your graph.


  • Landed - how many times people opened your videoask link

  • Interacted - how many times people opened your videoask link and clicked on it

  • Answered - how many times people answered at least one question in your videoask
  • Completed - how many times people submitted their answer to your videoask.


View metrics per videoask step

To view stats per step of your videoask, select the Steps tab


Note: If you have skipped data collection for a step, no data will appear here.

Click each step to view a summary of all the responses you've received so far. 


If you would like to conduct more advanced analysis of the responses you receive, you can do so by downloading a .csv or .xlsx file of your responses or take advantage of our integration with Zapier.

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