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Invite and manage team members

Do you want to allow other people to create or respond to your videoasks from the same account?

Invite colleagues, clients, or students to your team to manage your videoasks collaboratively! Depending on your plan, you can have up to 10 team members in your organization and they'll have access to the same features and videoasks as you do.

To restrict team members' access to specific videoasks, make sure to organize your videoasks into folders.

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Update team roles and permissions

Invite Team Members

Invite collaborators to help manage all of your videoasks or just those within a specific folder.


Under the Team tab, select + person.



Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite and select whether to make them a Member or Admin.



If inviting the team member as a Member, you can restrict their access to specific folders within your Organization. To do this, select Specific folders before sending the invitation...



Toggle folders on/off to give or remove access.


Note: To restrict access to specific folders, you will need to create folders first.

⚠️ Important: All videoasks in the Root folder (the main area in the left sidebar) can be viewed, edited, and deleted by all team members in the organization, no matter what permissions you have set up.

If you would like to restrict access to videoasks currently located in your Root folder, you will need to add each of these videoasks to a folder and set up permissions accordingly for that particular folder.


Set Read/Write permissions for each folder.



When you're finished setting the folder permissions, click Invite.



This person will receive an email with a link to join your organization.


Note: Every team member is required to have their own VideoAsk account. If the team member you invited does not yet have a VideoAsk account, they will be prompted to create one before being able to accept your invitation.


The total number of used and available seats on your plan will be displayed at the top of your team list. If you run out of seats on your current plan, you can upgrade to add more.


Note: The activity of anyone on your team will count towards your account usage limits. Ensure you have enough minutes on your plan by checking your current usage.

Update team roles and permissions

You can change the role and folder permissions of team members at any time.


To change a team member's role, click their current role (Member or Admin) next to their name.


Select their new role from the drop-down menu. Changes will be automatically saved.



To update folder permissions for a specific team member, select the lock folder icon.



Toggle the folders on/off to adjust the team member's access to each one. When ready, click Done.



To remove someone from your team, click the Trash can icon.


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