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12 JAN 2022

Mark interactions as unread

You can now see which interactions are unopened within your organization, helping you to stay on top of your inbox. You can also mark an interaction unread if you’ve already opened it, but want another team member to come back to it later. See how

03 DEC 2021

Integromat Integration

Say goodbye to lengthy, manual processes with our brand new Integromat integration. Connect to hundreds of different apps to automate even the most complex workflows effortlessly. Learn how

03 DEC 2021

Granular Notifications

You can now set up notifications for each individual videoask you create, meaning you can limit the number of notifications you receive to fit your workflow! See how

04 NOV 2021

The HubSpot integration has just got a lot better!

We released an improved version of our HubSpot integration that allows users to map contact form fields and videoask steps to HubSpot contact properties.

04 NOV 2021

New template kits

Last month we released nine new video templates. We have now also released walkthrough template guides and tips on the main features of each template. Every template has them!

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