Employee onboarding video template

Streamline employee onboarding by creating a videoask that gets new hires acquainted to your work culture and team members.

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Ensure a smooth transition for your new hire. Video onboarding lets you describe the role in depth and introduce teammates—making it easier for your new employee to settle into the role.

Say hi

Give your new hire a warm welcome and encourage them to learn more about the company culture before moving towards the next steps.

Introduce team

Let your new hire select different team member introductions from the multiple-choice options.

Request video

Once your new hire has navigated through the funnel, you can request that they record their own introduction that you can share with their teammates.


Why use interactive video for employee onboarding?

The first day on the job is a lot ot take in. Video onboarding lets employees reference all the onboarding information when they need it.

How can I use video onboarding to introduce my new hire to my team?

What features work best for the onboarding video template?

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