Share your interactions

Did you know you can not only share your videoask, but also any responses you receive and interactions you have with respondents?

When you receive a response to your videoask, by default it is set to private and can only be viewed by you and your team members in your VideoAsk account. 

If you make your interactions shareable (ie public), you can also share them with people outside your account using a link and send response information to other tools (such as Zapier).


You can make your interactions shareable in two ways:

  • By making all responses and replies to a videoask private or shareable in the videoask Settings
  • By making each individual response or replies to a videoask private or shareable on a case by case basis

If you would like to share all the responses you have received to a videoask, you also have the option to share you entire videoask inbox and filter by tag.

Share a response or interaction


In your videoask inbox, select the response you want to share.



Click the share icon



Here you can choose what you would like to share:

  • Share individual answer: share this response only (this will exclude other responses if you have a multi step videoask)

  • Share entire interaction: share all responses (this will include all responses to a multi step videoask)

  • Share entire interaction + replies: share all responses and replies (this includes all initial responses to your videoask and any follow up replies you and respondent may have sent)2021-05-28_17-10-50.png

Toggle on whichever of these sharing options you prefer.



Click Copy to copy the link to share this answer or interaction


Note that whichever options you have toggled on will be saved for this answer or interaction when you click Done. This means that anyone with the share link to the answer or interaction will be able to see these responses. 


You can always go back and revert these setting back to private by turning the toggles off. If you do this and someone tries to view the share url of a response or interaction, they will see this:


Set all interactions as shareable

To make all responses and interactions from your videoask public by default (and save yourself the trouble of doing this on a case by case basis), you can do so in the videoask Settings.

This is required if you would like to pull respondent data into one of our integrations (such as Zapier). It is also a useful way to save time if you will be sharing many responses from the same videoask.


Click Build to open the videoask builder



Click the gear icon to open the videoask Settings



In the General tab, toggle Make all interactions shareable on


You can also choose whether to make your replies shareable as well. If you want to make an entire conversation shareable toggle Include replies on.


  • If you keep Include replies set to off, only the respondent's initial response will appear when you share an interaction.
  • If you toggle Include replies to¬†on, sharing an interaction will also include any subsequent replies between you and the respondent
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